Anthony Townson

Digital Design

 Hi, I’m Anthony Townson. Welcome to Anttown.

Everyone has a sense of design and style. Some people just need a little help bringing it out. Well, there is a tool for doing just that – me! I’ll be that missing tool for achieving your creative needs. Have a dusty message or raw idea? Let’s dust that message off and sharpen that idea. Like a pencil you can talk to!

Take a look around. There’s plenty of samples. Give me a shout if you think I’d be a good match for your creative needs

motion_graphics_iconMotion Graphics

Animations and explainer videos help get ideas across quickly, and animated typography is great for title sequences and spicing up video in general.

graphic_design_icon_02Graphic Design

We live in a graphically designed world. With logos, posters, flyers, and advertisements of all  kinds, nice design helps your ideas compete for attention.


Starting with a pencil or photo reference and working out a stylized design can also be useful for branding and messaging.

vfx_iconVideo  Marketing

Sometimes a fun video montage supporting a product, brand, or event can create the impact a message needs.